Regina Kelland is “one of the seminal figures in the kids’ business.””

— Billboard Magazine

There is no one out there who knows more about the kids music business than Regina Kelland. From her work at major labels to her time managing artists and providing private consulting, Regina has built a career helping artists get their music out into the world. She provides smart career advice, creative solutions to problems, and a no nonsense assessment of the way things work. She is a hidden treasure for those artists that have been lucky enough to work with her.” - Justin Roberts

— Grammy Award-nominated artist

“Regina Kelland has been instrumental over the past few decades in helping me make significant advances as a recording artist and record company owner. She has an extensive list of contacts she can call on when music needs to get heard and things need to get done. Her vast know-how, gentle persistence and strong integrity have helped facilitate many of our successes at Sprout Recordings. When I have a marketing question or concern, I always turn to Regina.”” - Jonathan Sprout

— Grammy Award-nominated children's artist

I had the honor of working with Regina when she ran the children's music division of A&M Records during its "Raffi, Sharon Lois & Bram, Tom Chapin, Shari Lewis heyday." Regina ruled the roost then and now! Her unparalleled experience and across-the-board knowledge of children's marketing, press, sales and distribution make her a vital force in the children's music world. There isn't a single children's music campaign that should be put into play without first taking a course by Regina Kelland.” - Kate Dockins

— Music for Little People

Having previously worked in the music business, I was a bit reticent to spend money for information and advice that I may already know, but I am so glad I took the chance! Regina gave me tons of new, practical and personalized advice which always steered me in the right direction. In addition to her immense knowledge, the biggest benefit was working with someone who has cultivated such trusting industry relationships. A call or recommendation from Regina, on your behalf, goes a long way!” - Tristana Ward

— multi-award winning artist for Dreamland: Songs for Sleepyheads Big and Small

Working with Regina is like drinking from a firehouse – all this good information coming at you!” - Craig Franklin, President

— Romantic Realist Records, LLC

“Words can't begin to describe the difference Regina has made with my children's music project and its visibility in the marketplace. Regina took my project from 0-100 in two months! She has made all the difference! Anyone who has the good fortune to work with Regina Kelland should jump at the chance!”” - Debbie Cavalier

— Debbie and Friends (just after releasing her first CD - she now has two CDs, a DVD and a very active performing career)

“Regina Kelland is a fantastic resource. Her wealth of knowledge and experience allowed us to quickly and successfully navigate the children’s music market for our first children’s album Sing Me To Sleep. Regina’s professional relationships and years of networking helped us secure children’s music distribution, and we were lucky enough to pick-up several prestigious awards which, without Regina, we would have never known about. I highly recommend Regina and To Market Kids. She’s a generous and valuable consultant.”” - Joseph H. Spadaro (founder & pres)

— American Laundromat Records

“Regina Kelland is smart, creative, realistic and funny. If you are new to this work, or if you need a fresh look at what you are already doing in this field, you don't have to search any further for the person to work with.” - Debbie Block, Manager, Bill Harley, two-time Grammy Award-winning children's artist
Regina is simply the best resource for independent artists. From product development advice to marketing and sales, Regina provides smart and targeted advice for anyone trying to navigate the burgeoning marketplace for family music. She offers an easy-to-follow formula for success, backed by years of actual experience in the field. Don't waste time and hit pitfalls; hire Regina.” - Beth Blenz-Clucas

— Sugar Mountain PR

“Who knows more about kid’s music than Regina Kelland? No one. Who do we call when we don’t know what to do? Regina Kelland. Get the point? Call Regina Kelland today.”” - Bill Harley, two-time Grammy Award-winning children’s artist